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IT'S HERE! Now Available: BATTLE BORN FOR YOU book #2 in the Tell All Secrets series

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Battle Born For You: Alexander
(Tell All Secrets, #2)
by Layla Lochran

August 7, 2020

Painting Her Fate Liliana's story continues with this action packed military romance as we dig deeper into Alexander's secrets consuming his days.

A: I made a proud oath to my country, vowing to fight until the battle is won, but my nightmares will not stay buried now that she is gone. Will she run back home to London, out of my life forever? Can I convince her it was my way of protecting her? My reality crashes down around me as I allow darkness to creep in. I can't take this feeling any longer; I need her to save me from myself. Please Lily.

L: He betrayed my trust and now my skeletons are out of the closet for all to see. If any of my secrets were to end up in the wrong hands, who knows what would happen. Can I ever forgive him? Now I am vulnerable, scared, needing someone to cling to. Can I trust Zander and his mates with their word of protection? If I have learned anything, it's never to question a Marine's promise.


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She turns her head just as I make my way down the path nearing her.

That smile.

It’s the smile that gives me the determination I need so much right now. Almost like I can win her heart again. I feel my own pounding a faster rhythm as I near her, and it’s not just because I happen to think she’s beautiful, but because of how strong and alive she seems to be now.

She stands from the bench where she and one other woman are sat at and I can’t help but zone in on the one I so desperately want.  I need to make amends. Today.

I arrive at her side; she straightens when she catches sight of me. “Hey Lily.” I see her brows lift in the slightest way.

“Alexander. What are you doing here?”

There it is, the awkwardness flowing between us; I want no part of it today nor in any way here on out. Not sure where my confidence comes from as I lean in and dust a quick kiss on her lips. At first, she freezes, and I think a slap from her might ensue. I need to take that chance though. My tongue caresses her top lip. A soft intake of air escapes her as her body molds into mine and her arms come around my waist.

I barely register the other woman standing nearby. I’m lost within the only person that matters most to me. Right here. Right now. Always.

Lily’s amiable lips linger on mine, sending a charge throughout my whole body. My wicked thoughts crash over me and I picture us hand and hand as we run to my bar down the road and into my locked office where I spread her out on my desk. Or better yet I carry her to a quiet little patch of scraggly bushes nearby, ravish her till her cries of pleasure enrapture us both. Only then would she ask me to take her home and finish what we started.

I want that so fuckin’ badly—I want hear her beg and plead for her release—but it’s too soon. I need to slow down.

Not to mention, screwing each other near Canalside usually ends in a decent fine and humiliation neither of us want on our record. There is nowhere to be stealthy in this public of a place.

I gently suck her bottom lip for a few seconds, drawing out a grating murmur from her.

A feminine throat clears from behind Lily and we separate.

She blinks dazedly up at me several times but doesn’t let go. My body must be grounding her, otherwise she feels as if she would drop to the ground. Yes. I want her just like this.

She furrows her brow when the woman behind her begins laughing lightly at the two of us.

“Well now, if that wasn’t a proper greeting, I don’t know what that could’ve been.” The lightness continuing in her tone.

“Umm.” Lily clears her throat, a slight blush to her cheeks. I can tell she is embarrassed and more aware now of the world around us. She steps back but keeps my hand in hers, the contact bringing that shiver through my body again. She turns her body so we both face the intruder. “Tamara- I-uh-, she stammers and it’s the cutest thing ever. I can’t recall a time when she has been lost for words.

“So this is the illustrious Alexander I have heard so much about. Nice to meet you, I’m Tamara, Lily’s best mate.” Her pompom afro poof on the top of her head pairs well with her bright colored clothing. Fun and inviting.

“Ah, Tamara, it’s good to finally meet you in person.” So, this is the one I have transpired with and the one who is helping me get my Lily back. I like that, my Lily.

A perfect ring to it.

I hope you enjoy Alexander and Lily's story as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Whilst writing Painting Her Fate and Battle Born For You, one thing was clear to me that had my emotions often all over the place: members of the military suffer every day.
It was then I knew I needed to explore deeper into the lives of the other characters and how they cope with their tragic pasts, their loss, their battles, and how they not only find their way of overcoming these, but how they move on and grow into their true selves.

At the end of this book you will find a couple excerpts for MORE FOR ME BOOK 3 into the Tell All Secrets series! This is Harrison/Shark's story that I am having a TON of fun writing! 
If you are into heavy PDA in London and Virginia Beach, this book is for you!
*This book is HOT as sin!
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Layla Lochran grew up in a tiny ski town in Western New York, always with a variety of books in her hand. Contemporary, Historical, and Paranormal romances struck her fancy, expanding her imagination and dreams in someday becoming an author herself. Rock concerts, photography, and brightly colored hair are just a few of her hobbies, as well as having fun with special FX makeup, props, and costumes with her son and community. Other than reading, she enjoys nature, many different wines and local vineyards, spending time with her family, and helping others to find their creative edge. Someday she will travel the world to see all it has to offer her. Life is short; live every day to the fullest, love exponentially, stay positive, and give it your all.

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