Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Release Day of Defy The EYE with a Special Look Inside!


Defy The EYE: The Zarbizokian Outsider
by Layla Lochran
July 7, 2020

About the Book:
Astradell is the first female Zarbizokian to become a ‘Defender of the EYE’; an organization of elite beings in search of a menacing force wanting to take over the universe. In her first mission she must gain information from planet Earth. Curiosity winning out, she goes against the EYE by interacting with the humans, finding them too alluring to only observe. Visions of a blue-eyed man consumes her mind, knowing he must be saved before it is too late. Now hunted for her defiance, her Defender brethren will soon realize just how strong she has become.

Gundar’s ancestors hid themselves in the icy tundra on Earth long ago, teaching generations their way of worshiping many Gods and other worlds beyond their own. Folklore or not, he knows there are secrets buried within their kind yet to be discovered. Plagued with a gift to hear others thoughts, he distances himself in hopes of obtaining solace. Strength waning, he finds it difficult to go on, until a beauty baring wings and glowing eyes fills his nights. His Goddess, ready to take him to Valhalla.

Astradell's secret mission will in the end save her planet, but first a mysterious illness begins turning humans into savage beasts and Earth needs protecting. This might take longer than she expected.

Get a first look into the new Ambrotos Defenders Series at the end of this story!

Special Never Before Seen Look Into Defy The EYE.
For a little backstory, Astra and her family are celebrating the Summer Solstice by having hundreds of villagers over so to all enjoy themselves together.

Astra closed her eyes and took in a deep breath, this day of peace will be one we remember forever. A smile lit her features as Gundar cradled her from behind and placed a kiss to her temple.

My Goddess, every day I am with you brings me peace. He breathes in close to her ear and whispers in a growly tamber, “if the children were not here I would take you right here and now.” He bites her earlobe.

She begins to laugh, “behave, we have a village bursting with people.” He chuckles and pulls her in closer. She placed her head on his shoulder as their children give them a rolling of their eyes then begin telepathically talking with their love mates and siblings as a whole.

We knew if mother and father were at the river, we were to stay away, one mentioned.

Or in their bedroom, another stated.

Or up on that big spot that overlooks-

“Children!!” Astra shouts, a blush to her cheeks.

Laughter and giggles abounded from all residing within hearing distance.

See what you have started? Now our new sons and daughters think us sex-crazed. She asked her husband as she tries covering her face with her hands.

He grins and takes both her hands and plants a kiss on each palm, I cannot help myself, you are just too irresistible.

“You're projecting your thoughts father!” Kori says as a few of them groan.

Gundar's grin widens, “oh, was I? I did not realize, my apologizes.” teasing innocence in his tone.

All the children grumble, annoyed and somewhat grossed out at the notion of their parents making love. That is something no child should ever have to think about.

Soren gives a shiver of disgust, “please, spare us.”

More laughter ensues, then everyone quiets as the sun grows in size before their eyes.

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Paperback available on Release Day!

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About the Author:

Layla Lochran grew up in a tiny ski town in Western New York, always with a variety of books in her hand. Contemporary, Historical, and Paranormal romances struck her fancy, expanding her imagination and dreams in someday becoming an author herself. Rock concerts, graphic design, photography, and brightly colored hair are just a few of her hobbies, she also loves having fun with special FX makeup, props, and costumes; her son loves getting in on the fun too. Other than reading and writing, she enjoys nature, many different types of wine and local vineyards, and spending time with her family. Someday she will travel the world. Life is short; live every day to the fullest, love exponentially, and give it your all.



Thank you to the bloggers who have helped in spreading the word of my first sci-fi romance novel, and of course a HUGE special thank you goes out to Author's Taproom for making all this happen! You are all wonderful! I hope you will find Defy The EYE enjoyable!

P.S. My very first Contemporary Romance ebook, Painting Her Fate: Liliana (Book 1 of the Tell All Secrets Series) is on sale right now for $0.99! Snag your copy today before Battle Born For You: Alexander (Book 2) is released! 

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